What is American Dental Care?

American Dental Care is a referral service that has organized a large number of dentists and optometrists in order to provide them with new patients. In return, the dentists can greatly reduce their prices up to 85%. Each member can choose a participating dental office that is convenient to them.

Better than Insurance?

Since American Dental Care is not an insurance company there are no deductibles or claim forms, and all previous dental problems are accepted. Unlike most insurance plans, there are no yearly limits to your benefits, no rules about how often you can visit the dentist, and we offer discounts on everything insurance typically does not, like cosmetic dentistry and braces. Enrollment is year-round, easy, and effective immediately.

When does American Dental Care go into effect?

Service will begin immediately upon processing your enrollment. Simply call the dentist or optometrist you have selected from our list for an appointment and provide your Membership I.D. number.

Many American Dental Care providers will accept both your dental insurance and this dental plan. Discuss this matter with the provider you have chosen prior to any treatment.

Can I change dentists or optometrists?

Yes. You may change dentists or optometrists any time without you or your company doing or changing any paperwork. Simply make an appointment with a provider from our network and present your I.D. card to the new dentist or optometrist you have selected.

When do I pay the Dentist?

Due to the greatly reduced fees for dental services, most dentists require payment in full at the time the dental service is performed. Some dentists may let you pay with monthly payments; however, arrangements must be made in advance with the individual dentist.

How much are exams and cleanings? What else is covered?

When you visit a General Dentist in our network, Office visits are only $3, Routine Cleanings are $21, and Comprehensive Oral Evaluations are only $17. Everything else is covered at a discounted rate, listed on our Fee Schedule, and savings range from 30%-85% off usual fees. Visit our Benefits page to review the Fee Schedule and see just how much you will save.

Are braces covered?

Yes! When you visit any specialist on our plan, such as an orthodontist, you will not pay full price for your braces or any other service. You will receive a 25% discount off their customary fees for all services. This means if they normally charge $4000 for braces, you will save $1000 just for being a member with us.


1. Accidental injury or conditions that are covered under workman’s compensation or occupation act or law.

2. General anesthesia, I.V. sedation and/or hospitalization or hospital or medical charges of any kind.

3. Office visits to or services performed by a dentist or specialist who are not part of American Dental Care

How do I enroll?

1. Simply fill out the online application. List all household members to be enrolled by American
Dental Care.

2. Choose a payment schedule of Annual, Semi-Annual or Monthly. You can pay by credit/debit card or ACH Bank Draft.

3. Upon receipt of your application, a list of participating dental offices, optometrists and your membership card (one per family) will be sent to you. You can access the list of dentists anytime online under Doctor Search.

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