Our Company

American Dental Care has been in business since 1989


What is American Dental Care?

American Dental Care is a Discount Dental Plan that has organized a large number of dentists in order to provide them with new patients. In return, the dentist can greatly reduce their prices up to 85%. Each member can choose a participating dental office that is convenient to them. You must use a dentist from our provider network.

A Better Alternative.

The American Dental Care Plan is NOT insurance, so all previous dental problems are accepted and there are no limits to savings or services. Plan changes and enrollments can be made anytime throughout the year, and plans are effective immediately upon processing. No waiting, no deductibles, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and no yearly limits. All for less than Insurance!

Options for Small Businesses

For over 25 years, we’ve been offering our plan to both individuals and small businesses. We offer Group Discounted Rates off our already low monthly fees so that businesses can offer their employees a dental plan as a better and more affordable alternative to insurance. Employers can choose to pay for some, all, or a portion of their employee plans, or just deduct from payroll. We have hundreds of small business employees and their families and we’d love to help you too! Call us or email us to request more information on our Small Business plans… enrollment is fast and easy! (hyperlink call us to dial phone number and email us to email)